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WWE News! WWE’s OLD Tactics To Attack AEW! TWO News Names In WWE Royal Rumble 2022! Rock's BIG News!

WWE News! WWE’s OLD Tactics To Attack AEW! TWO News Names In WWE Royal Rumble 2022! Rock’s BIG News!
00:00 Headlines
00:47 WWE Using Monday Night War Tactics To Attack AEW!
01:56 Several AEW Contracts Set To Expire Soon. Wrestlers Not Expected To Be Re-Signed / AEW Wrestler’s Contract Already Expired. 3 Years With The Company Is Over
04:05 The Rock Announces Massive Multi-Year Partnership With Top Company
04:44 Current Tag Champions In WWE Break Their Own Record With Massive Accomplishment
05:28 Two Names From NXT 2.0 Set To Appear At The Royal Rumble?
06:32 Summer Rae Responds To Backlash After Being Called A WWE Legend
07:13 Former WWE Superstar Requests Huge New Role From Vince McMahon
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