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WOW THIS IS BIG! December Stimulus Check Update and Daily News

WOW THIS IS BIG! Finally Passed 4th Stimulus Plan Updates Daily News December 2021 – #stimuluscheck #stimuluscheckupdate #stimulusupdate

Stimulus Update: How Much Stimulus Money Will You Get in 2022?

The American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law by President Joe Biden in March of 2021 to provide a third coronavirus relief payment. These payments were worth $1,400 per adult and per dependent. Most people have gotten this money so far, but some people didn’t get the full amount.

This includes anyone who had a baby or adopted a child. If you added multiple dependents to your family, you could get $1,400 payments for each of them. So parents who had twins in 2021, for example, could receive a total of $2,800 in stimulus checks.

This means half the expanded credit was delivered already for most people. But eligible parents can claim the rest of the credit they are entitled to when they file their 2021 taxes. You could be eligible for a credit worth up to $1,800 per child that reduces your tax bill or that comes in the form of a larger tax refund.

Residents in multiple states receive additional stimulus checks through different state or local programs

In California, , in the first week of December, more than 800,000 Golden State Stimulus II payments were sent primarily to low-income residents. The payments will continue through Dec. 31, with eligible households receiving checks between $600 and $1,100.

In Florida, the legislature also approved in its budget stimulus fund payments for first responders and law enforcement officers. Roughly 174,000 law-enforcement officers, fire-service personnel and emergency medical workers received a $1,000 payment. The state budget allocated $208.4 million as “a small token of appreciation” to “our first responders [who] worked tirelessly through the pandemic to meet the needs of our communities.”

In Detroit, as an incentive to motivate teachers to return to the classroom in the fall 2021 semester, teachers received $2,000 in hazard pay and an additional $2,000 if they taught a hybrid of in-person and online instruction.

In New Mexico, the state legislature appropriated $5 million of federal relief money to provide one-time $750 cash payments to roughly 4,600 low-income New Mexican households that didn’t qualify for federal pandemic benefits.

In Maine, the state legislature approved sending $285 Disaster Relief checks to some residents within a certain income threshold “to support Maine people who worked amid the pandemic.” Payments were first sent out in mid-November, with roughly 500,000 residents expected to receive the funds by December 31.


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