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‘We’re not going to quit’: Road crews gear up for 2nd wave of winter weather

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — Late Wednesday afternoon and early Wednesday evening, snowplow teams in St. Charles County were taking advantage of a lull in the multi-day winter storm hitting the St. Louis region.   

A MoDOT “gang plow” team swept eastbound I-70 near the St. Charles and Warren County line, hitting multiple lanes of the interstate at once.   

Private snow removal companies hit as many parking lots as they could. There were about four inches of snow on the ground by the afternoon.   

St. Charles County had close to 40 snowplows on the roads, supplementing MODOT’s efforts.  Together they had made at least one pass on just about every primary and secondary roadway, from Scharre and Foristell Roads to state highways “N” and “T”.    

Still, conditions on those roads changed every few hundred feet. One moment, the pavement was visible. The next moment it was snow covered.   

St. Charles County’s County Engineer, John Lyons, said plows were able to peel back the first round of sleet and snow slush.  He expected things to get worse as the storm’s second wave began to push through Wednesday night.  

“Obviously getting 6 to 10 inches of snow in a span of 8 to 10 hours, we’re not going to be able to keep up with that,” he said.  “So, you’re going to see snow pile back up on all of these roads.  We’re not going to quit.  We’ll be running shifts from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (around the clock). They’ll keep running but I don’t see us keeping up with snow totals coming down that quickly.”  

With single-digit temperatures arriving, road chemicals would be less effective in clearing snow and ice, he said.  Depending on the snowfall totals, road clearing efforts could stretch into Saturday.   

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