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Thrill-seekers flock to Art Hill for sledding despite blizzard-like conditions

ST. LOUIS – With a steady stream of snowfall Thursday, some came to try one of the quintessential St. Louis experiences – sledding on Art Hill.

“We’ve never done this before. The three of us just moved to the area,” said one bundled-up sledder. “It’s our first winter in St. Louis and we keep hearing about this, so we jumped at the chance.”

There’s a camaraderie among those using plastic sleds, innertubes, and storage containers to help propel oneself down Art Hill.

“We’ve been to Forest Park before but we’ve never been while it’s snowing,” said sled friends Marissa and Amea. “We used one of those storage containers that stack up. We just put my son in there.”

If you’re able to get here safely, check this item off your St. Louis bucket list.

“It’s a great spot,” said Azur Meskovic, sledder. “It’s a little bit hard getting here but other than that it’s a lot of fun. We just got back from Colorado; so this is exciting.”

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