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The politics surrounding youth sports restrictions in St. Louis

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CREVE COEUR, Mo. — A group of high school athletes met outside Sam Page’s neighborhood Wednesday night, hoping the St. Louis County Executive would reconsider his stance on upper-level athletics.

‘It’s pretty disappointing,” senior T.J. Bright said. “I heard that people were going to be out here, and I figured that we should come out because if we can do something we might as well try and try to get our season back.”

The protest comes the same day as Page announced a loosening on youth sports participation.

The students — some of them seniors — say this is about more than sports. They say the cancellation of their season hurts their chances at a scholarship.

“So many colleges are asking for senior year film, and this is really a huge blow,” senior Pernell Garner said.

“I think Dr. Paige is a hell of a guy, but Dr. Page is on the wrong side of history right now. And he is on the wrong side of science,” attorney Al Watkins said.

Watkins sent Page’s office a letter asking for reconsideration, though he says legal action is also on the table.

“We can file a verified application for a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, and permanent injunction. It requires paperwork, but no big deal. It’s already been prepared. We can have fun with it,” Watkins said.

Bright said he’s holding hope they’ll hit the field, even if it’s not this year.

“I’d rather have it in the spring than not have it at all,” he said.

Responding to the talks of legal action, Page’s spokesperson Doug Moore responded: “Public health orders are written to keep our residents safe and healthy during this pandemic. Dr. Page outlined the reasons for the restrictions this morning during his media briefing.”


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