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  • “Swimming in Secret Lake”

The Gallery at The Kranzberg (501 North Grand Boulevard, 314-533-0367) is debuting a new exhibition. Partnering with St. Louis based artists, Kira Gresoski and Natalie Ranier, The Gallery at the Kranzberg presents Bodies of Water and Women. The exhibition is on display by appointment only Friday, February 11 through Saturday, April 9, with full COVID-19 policies in place.

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Gresoski is a St. Louis native, growing up in North County. She grew up playing in and exploring the waterways and creeks near her home. After returning from gaining her undergraduate degree she discovered the legacy of North County: its radioactive waste. Though polluted, she still held the waterways and creeks close to her heart. This love inspired her to get an MFA in poetry at Pacific University.

While obtaining her MFA, Gresoski wrote poems that reflected the intersection between gender, class, race and the history of U.S. violence against the earth and its inhabitants. Those poems soon became the ground Bodies of Water and Women was built on. The Bodies of Water and Women exhibition is based on Gresoski’s book by the same title.

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“Bodies of Water and Women” was self-published by Gresoski, hoping to make this conversation accessible to her community.

Gresoski and Ranier worked together to bring these poems to life in an effort to transcend traditional ideas of what reading is and who poetry is for. The exhibition utilizes color, sound, space and texture. It also creates an immersive experience combining digital technology, fine art and poetry.

Tickets to view Bodies of Water and Women are available on The Kanzberg Arts Foundation website.

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