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The Fed JUST Signaled EXACTLY When They'll Raise Rates, and by How Much

The fed is having their emergency meeting today, but new information has come out as to exactly when the fed will start raising rates and by how much.

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The fed is having their board meeting today, February 14th, but as I discussed last video I don’t think they’ll decide to do any emergency rate hikes from it. However, there has been a lot of news come out over the weekend and today regarding exactly when the fed will start raising rates, and by how much.

Mary Daly, the San Francisco fed president, and James Bullard, the St. Louis fed president, both have had interviews over the past couple days regarding interest rates. Even though Bullard favors a 0.5% rate hike and a federal funds rate of 1.00% by July, both have alluded in one way or another to a 0.25% rate hike in March. That’s not to say that’s set in stone.

The fed has also released new information about when they’ll be ending their taper. And as Jerome Powell has stated, the fed won’t be raising rates until the taper has finished.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Fed Rate Monitor, SPY, and Bitcoin
1:10 – New Data about When the Taper Ends
1:58 – Mary Daly’s Thoughts (San Francisco Fed)
5:31 – James Bullard’s Thoughts (St. Louis Fed)
7:00 – Putting things Together

Fed rate hike update and news 02/14/2022

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