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Take 5 Episode 2: Zip Rzeppa, St. Louis Media Television Hall of Fame

Three classmates attend Boston University to study journalism…one becomes the self-described King of All Media, the other becomes a factor on Inside Edition and the No Spin Zone, and the third moves to St. Louis in 1984 and becomes one of the most well-known local sportscasters in recent memory. How Zip helped shake up St. Louis sports broadcasting and what he is doing now are just a few of the topics discussed when St. Louis Media Television Hall of Fame member Zip Rzeppa sits down for a conversation with St. Louis Media History Foundation board member Ken Ohlemeyer.

Zip joins Ken for the second episode of Take 5: Casual Conversations with St. Louis Media Hall of Fame Members. This new series features radio, television, print, and advertising/public relations members of your St. Louis Media Hall of Fame as they share stories on their background, advice, and interests. More shows to be posted soon.

The Five Questions:
1:55 – How did Zip Rzeppa get his start in broadcasting? (Moving from Single A to the Big Leagues)
17:14 – What are some of Zip’s most memorable moments in sports and life?
28:13 – How does Zip hone his craft and what is his work ethic…how does he get better? How did the Zippo Awards begin?
40:07 – What is some advice Zip shares with those starting in business and life?
41:10 – What is Zip doing today and what are his future plans?

6:31 – Zip country-raps himself into QuickTrip notoriety
35:34 – Zip has egg on his face literally and figuratively along with Bill O’Reilly

To see a bit of Zip in action
There are several YouTube posts featuring Zip’s broadcasts and Zippo Awards. To see more of the Zippo Awards search on YouTube (not to be confused with Zippo lighters). If you have footage of Zip in your VHS collection, the St. Louis Media History Foundation would love to include them in our archives. Contact to share your archives.

For the complete version of Ballad of the Bengals –

Follow Zip on social media – he can be found on Facebook @zip.rzeppa1 and on Twitter @ziprzeppa

Some of the sites Zip mentions in the conversation
Love Good Culture –
Jackie Minton –
Eric Genuis and Concerts for Hope –

Mater Media –
To learn more about The Deal by Chuck Neff –
My Rock and Salvation by Zip Rzeppa – or Amazon
For a Greater Purpose by Zip Rzeppa – or Amazon

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