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Super Bowl XXXIV: "One Yard Short" | Rams vs. Titans | NFL Full Game

In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents Super Bowl 34 “One Yard Short”

00:00 – Start

11:52 – Rams fumble snap on FG attempt, Titans take over on downs

19:40 – Titans’ Al Del Greco misses 47-yard FG

20:00 – Torry Holt begins Rams drive with 32-yard reception

23:27 – Rams’ Jeff Wilkins makes 27-yard FG

30:23 – Jeff Wilkins misses 34-yard FG

46:44 – Jeff Wilkins makes 29-yard FG

1:01:31 – Jeff Wilkins makes 28-yard FG

1:40:06 – Rams block Titans’ field goal attempt

1:21:55 – Torry Holt catches 9-yard TD pass from Kurt Warner

1:29:26 – Steve McNair scrambles for 23 Yards to put Titans in scoring position

1:31:05 – Eddie George 1-yard touchdown gives puts Titans on the board

1:41:56 – Steve McNair QB sneak picks up crucial 1st down for Titans

1:47:06 – Eddie George rushes for his second TD

1:56:39 – Al Del Greco makes 43-yard FG to tie game at 16

1:58:34 – Warner launches 73-yard pass to Isaac Bruce for the touchdown to take a late lead

2:08:55 – Steve McNair makes incredible play to bring Titans into scoring position

2:10:42 – “One Yard Short”

With backup quarterback Kurt Warner taking the reins as the full time starter, the Rams offense reached historically great levels and they surged to Super Bowl 34 where they faced a talented Titans team. The game would come to the final yard, literally, as the Rams’ Mike Jones tackled Kevin Dyson on the one yard line to save the game.

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