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St. Peters police investigating mass car break-ins at Amazon parking lot

ST. PETERS, Mo. – The St. Peters Police Department confirms about 40 vehicles on the Amazon parking lot were broken into overnight.

A spokesperson for the police department says that around 3:55 a.m., video shows a dark colored sedan pulled into the lot with several people inside of it.

There is no word on where or what security was doing when the sedan pulled into the lot. Police are currently working with security.

It appears as though the suspects did not check to see if vehicle doors were locked or unlocked, the suspects just smashed windows.

There is no work yet on what was stolen. Police are still trying to locate the owners of some of the vehicles.

The police gave Amazon security the information for employees and/or victims to contact the St. Peters Police. Officers also left information on the vehicles that had been broken into so the victims can contact them.

This in an ongoing investigation.

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