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St. Louis County COVID cases at highest levels in more than a year

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page will hold his first COVID news conference of the new year Monday morning at the main county building.

Page’s chief spokesperson Doug Moore said Page is expected to say that 2022 has started with COVID cases at high levels that haven’t been seen in more than a year. Page is also expected to say that exhausted healthcare workers are seeing firsthand the continuing toll that COVID is taking on the community.

Moore said figures reveal that the seven-day rolling average of COVID cases as of Sunday in St. Louis County is 1,574. That is the highest level since the pandemic began. The latest data showed the COVID positivity rate in St. Louis County is at 15.5 percent. That is well into the high category.

Page is also expected to say in his remarks Monday morning that he supports a mask mandate that may once again be proposed at Tuesday night’s St. Louis County Council meeting. Moore said Page will likely make the case that a mask mandate will result in less confusion, more compliance, and it will help keep our economy going and our schools open. Page is also expected to warn that COVID could wind up shutting down the community again unless interventions are taken. Moore said getting more people vaccinated, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds are key components to those necessary interventions. He also said Page will likely again voice his opposition to Governor Mike Parson’s decision last week to not renew the COVID-19 related state of emergency order for the state of Missouri.

FOX 2 will cover the news conference on-air and online. It is set to start at 8:30 a.m.

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