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S2E7 People Keeping It Sacred with ADVOCATE Rev. Mike Kinman and Rabbi Heather Miller

Welcome to People Keeping It Sacred SEASON 2 where you can join Rabbi Miller and seven thoughtful friends for intelligent, joyful conversations about personal spiritual narratives. Topics include: Living Peace, Forging New Paths Forward, Living Authentically, Investing in the Future, Holistic Approaches to Spirituality, Authentic Living, Spiritual Repair, The Power of Convening, and more!

In this episode (S2E7) with ADVOCATE Rev. Mike Kinman, we discuss:
The beauty of diversity
The multiplying effect of interfaith families
Finding your people
Being Countercultural
The problem of Empire-driven Spiritual Communities
Looking at things differently than we’re taught
The process of reconciliation
When you lead with love, you’re invincible
The incredible work of Thistle Farms
Housing everyone with extravagant love
and more!

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