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Raiders Rumors: Greg Olson & Tom Cable Fired + Hire Brian Flores? Sean Desai & Tom Bo Hardegree News

Raiders rumors on the Raiders Report hosted by Mitchell Renz feature Greg Olson, Tom Cable, Brian Flores, Sean Desai, Tom McMahon, and Damon Arnette. Did the Raiders fire Raiders OC & Offensive Line coach Greg Olson & Tom Cable because they have been removed from the Raiders website? Pro Football Talk thinks the Raiders should hire Brian Flores even though they are intervening Sean Desai today. Tom McMahon is interviewing for the Raiders special teams coordinator position which was held by Rich Bisaccia last season before Jon Gruden left. Last we talk about former 1st round pick Damon Arnette.

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Raiders News & Rumors on:
– Greg Olson & Tom Cable fired
– Raiders coaching staff member like Gus Bradley, Ron Milus, Rod Marinelli
– Raiders hired Bo Hardegree as QB Coach
– Hire Brian Flores?
– Hire Sean Desai?
– Hire Tom McMahon?
– Damon Arnette arrested

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Raiders news and rumors questions asked today:
– Type ‘FIRED’ if you think that means Tom Cable & Greg Olson are fired
– Would Sean Desai be a good DC? Good or Bad
– Should the Raiders hire Brian Flores as DC?

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