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PA Bridge Falls, Bridgeport Police & the Black Community, Texas GOP Lies, Black Farmers v Pepsico

1.28.2022 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: PA Bridge Falls, Bridgeport Police & the Black Community, Texas GOP Lies, Black Farmers v Pepsico

It’s Friday, January 28, 2022, and here’s what’s coming Up on Roland Martin Unfiltered streaming live on the Black Star Network.

A Pittsburgh bridge collapses on the day President Biden is scheduled to visit the city to talk infrastructure and promises to fix all the crumbling bridges across the nation.

Lies sent a Black Pennsylvania man to prison for 37 years. Now he’s out and suing the city that put him behind bars.

A Tennessee man is shot and killed by 9 cops! And it’s on video. We’ll show you what happened.

Plus, there was another woman found dead on December 12 in Connecticut. We’ve told you about Lauren Smith-Fields. But another family did not find out until days later that their loved one, Brenda Rawls was dead. The President of Greater Bridgeport NAACP joins us tonight. He’ll tell us what they are demanding from city officials.

The National Black Farmers Association President is calling out Pepsico for ongoing discrimination. John Boyd will explain what promises have been broken.

A retiring GOP Texas senator admits under oath that Texas violated voting rights law during redistricting in court. We’ll have a Texas Legislative Black Caucus member tonight to tell us what that means.

Plus, in our Education Matters segment, we’ll take a look at the importance of tutoring.

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