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New initiative aims to boost support for law enforcement in Missouri

ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Fraternal Order of Police is calling on communities to stand up and back the blue with a new initiative.

This week, not one, but two incidents occurred where police were hurt, hitting home for the law enforcement community. Two officers were struck while responding to a call on a St. Louis highway Monday, and two police officers were shot in Ferguson Wednesday.

“It just seems like these things are happening more and more and I don’t know why,” said Schroeder.

The shooting had a profound impact on all law enforcement statewide.

Jay Schroeder is the president of the St. Louis Police Officers Association and the executive vice president of the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police organization in the state.

“These guys go out every day and when these things happen, it’s really something you can’t explain,” said Schroeder. “It’s just a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.”

He urged community members who are looking for ways to help to funnel their support into the F.O.P which aids law enforcement year-round.

“If you say you want to support the police, this is the way you can show it,” he said.

He’s rolling out an initiative to boost membership and increase support for law enforcement and their families.

“Help with the disaster team, it’s going to help with the police Memorial weekend,” said Schroeder. “It’s going to help with the community, get their message out that, hey, we support the police.”

That support is not always felt.

“People aren’t coming to this job, they don’t want to deal with the scrutiny and the pressure and hopefully with this initiative we can help get the message out that this is still a noble profession, that this is still one of the best profession in the world,” he continued.

If you want to help, besides paying for a membership you can buy merchandise online:

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