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MoDOT crews working 12-hour shifts to clear roads while short-staffed

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — A lot of people stayed home during the first round of winter weather in the St. Louis region, allowing crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation room to plow.

More snow is expected tonight into tomorrow. MoDOT crews are working 12-hour shifts, day and night, but staffing is still short. 

In Arnold, the Department of Public Works crews are also split into two 12 hour shifts, working until the storm is over and the streets are clear.  

Jefferson County and Highway 141 are maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation. On I-270 and I-55 south, there were pairs and quads of MODOT plows driving.  

“To me, they’re not bad right now,” said driver Tim Bauer. “Probably going to get worse, but not bad right now. They did a pretty good job of getting the main roads done, so we’ll be alright.”

MoDOT is advising Missourians not to travel through the end of the week. The department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol thanked drivers Wednesday afternoon for staying home and off the roads. 


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