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How The Housing Market Will Crash with 100% Proof!

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This is exactly how the housing market will crash. This information you will not hear about anywhere else as the common reasons people assume the housing market will crash will be due to rising interest rates, inflation fears and affordability issues, artificial intelligence and robotics and record unemployment rates. People and investors simply will not have the capacity to pay for their mortgages and they will be forced into foreclosure and financial hardship. Many think this will cause the housing crash in 2022.

This real estate prediction will likely not be the real reason for the housing crash. The real reason for the housing crash will be a few things combined, one is that record high debt levels coupled with all of these new property changes will push people past what there can afford on a current and future monthly schedule. These changes could include completely gutting your property, the bigger the property the more it will likely cost for property owners and investors to be able to complete these rehabs and upgrades.

At this point there are thirty three locations in which these upgrades will first occur and then eventually they will push for these property upgrades to be nationwide and impact all properties.

I suggest that all current and future real estate investors look into the true costs of these upgrades so that you can factor them into your decisions when considering to buy or sell a property.

I believe this real estate change will greatly impact the housing market and could be the cause for a massive recession and depression in the housing market, way worse than 1929 and way worse than 2008.


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