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Hazelwood police say three armed suspects still at large after resisting arrest Sunday morning

HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Hazelwood police say they are searching for three armed suspects at large associated with a carjacking Saturday night involving shots fired and resisting arrest Sunday morning.

Officers saw a dark colored Audi sedan traveling south on Howdershell Road at about 9:15 a.m. Sunday morning. The officers were aware that a local police department were searching for a dark colored Audi in relation to an armed carjacking which involved shots fired.

Officers checked the vehicle’s license plate and found it was reported stolen to the Godfrey, Illinois Police Department.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle at McDonnell Blvd. and Brown Road the but driver fled and got onto eastbound I-270. The driver was then involved in a crash on when entering the highway, just east of McDonnell Blvd.

Four suspects then got out of the car and ran north across the highway. Police say all four suspects were armed. They conducted an area canvass and one of the suspects was taken into custody. The suspect they caught was a juvenile.

The other three suspects are still at large. They are described as two males wearing dark colored clothing, and a female wearing a white colored coat.

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