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Follow the Star: Mentors in our Midst

Good morning Third family and friends,

The Broken Obelisk by Barnett Newman was displayed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1967—one year before Dr. King was assassinated.
In 1969 Houston, Texas was offered a generous gift by art patrons John and Dominique de Menil–providing monies to purchase Broken Obelisk with two caveats:
The sculpture would stand outside City Hall
The Broken Obelisk is dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The city turned it down.
The Menil’s purchased and installed on the grounds of their art collection in Houston—dedicated in 1971—floating in a reflecting pool outside The Rothko Chapel (pictured above).
The obelisk is an ancient Egyptian creation.
The Washington Monument, one of the most famous obelisks in the world, is the location of Dr. King’s famous 1963 speech.
The Broken Obelisk became a metaphor for America after Dr. King’s assassination—shattered dreams in the shadow of the Washington Monument.
The Broken Obelisk is a work of Abstract Art—open to your interpretation—
Take a moment and review obelisk above—
What do you see?
Where do you find images of despair? hope?
Carla Jackson and Branden Brooks will assist with sermon this morning–offering interpretations and influence of Dr. King— on their Christian pilgrimage.
Please take a moment and review worship guide (link below)—consider excellent notes and guides provided by Philip.
Dear Ones,

Coronavirus has run through several in our church family this week. Thanks be to God, as of Saturday morning, none are in serious condition or hospitalized. A good majority will join worship online.
Please know you are in my “minds eye” each Sunday—as good Baptists—you always sat in the same pew! I see you…
Let’s gather together soon with joy and expectation–

Be strong and courageous.
Blessings all,


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