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[ENG] Crowdfunding Talk! 🎙️ With Jamey Stegmaier & Laura Hoffmann | Game On Tabletop

In today’s video, Laura Hoffmann, Game On’s COO, is interviewing Jamey Stegmaier, board game designer & cofounder of Stonemaier Games, to talk about his experience with tabletop crowdfunding, tips, advices and more! 🎙️

In our video series Around the project – Actors of the Industry, we meet different actors and jobs linked to the board game and crowdfunding industries. Learn tips on various subjects to help make your crowdfunding journey a success!

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⏱️ Timestamps :
00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Introducing Jamey Stegmaier
02:00 – Did he start with crowdfunding or publishing games?
03:57 – How was crowdfunding back then, when he started?
05:11 – Does Jamey prefer the old times or how it is now?
06:48 – Toxicity in the industry + what we see on Game On
10:36 – How does Jamey defines success and what is for him his most successful projet?
12:35 – What made a difference throughout his different crowdfunding projects?
14:40 – His magic formula
15:30 – Did Jamey ever fall into the trap of adding a stretch goal that wasn’t planned during the campaign?
16:52 – Did Jamey had a team when he crowdfunded his projects?
21:34 – Where does Jamey see the place of crowdfunding platforms in the process of creation?
23:25 – What is the first thing Jamey look for in a crowdfunding platform?
24:30 – Why did Jamey stop using crowdfunding to fund his games? Mental health + being financially stable
30:28 – Things Jamey learned from crowdfunding
31:50 – How would Jamey describe the place for crowdfunding in the industry today? A real sales channel
35:57 – Is there anything he would like to see coming for the crowdfunding industry?
37:00 – What’s coming up for Stonemaier games?
37:53 – Outro

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Thanks again for watching, we’ll see you soon! 👋

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