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Dr. Jason Johnson on Gun Reform Politics for #2020 #AMJoy

Dr. Jason Johnson discusses the political landscape surrounding gun reform efforts and resistance between the people of the United States, President Trump, the NRA and members of the Democratic Party. Other panel members include Xochitl Hinojosa (DNC), Alaina Beverly (Political Strategist), Jonathan Capehart (The Washington Post), Tiffany Cross (The Beat DC), Shannon Watts (Gun Reform Supporter), and host, Joy Reid.

Dr. Jason Johnson is a professor, political analyst and public speaker. Fresh, unflappable, objective, he is known for his ability to break down stories with wit and candor. Johnson is the author the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell, a tenured professor in the School of Global Journalism & Communication at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and Politics Editor at Dr. Johnson has an extensive public speaking and media background ranging from pop culture to politics.

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