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Derek Jeter Joins Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles | Knuckleheads S7: E6 | The Players’ Tribune

Check your calendars, y’all. 2/2/22 … you know what that means? It’s what we’re calling “Derek Jeter Day.” The guy who made number 2 famous. The reason young kids beg to wear the number, hoping a little bit of his magic might be with them in the jersey. So we had to get over to Miami, sit down with The Boss himself and interview the legend … Knuckleheads style.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:46 Who Bust Yo’ Ass?
00:03:39 Growing Up Loving Baseball
00:05:22 AAU Basketball
00:06:50 Coming straight out of high school
00:12:01 Playing Shortstop
00:13:30 Ready for the Big Leagues
00:14:29 Players he looked up to
00:17:07 Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry
00:19:04 The Number 2 Jersey
00:19:41 Signature Backhand Play
00:21:12 Rookie of the Year and First Championship
00:24:00 Joe Torre
00:25:08 Playing Through 9/11
00:27:10 Becoming Captain of the Yankees
00:31:52 Visa Commercial with Steinbrenner
00:33:34 The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry
00:35:25 The Fundamentals of the Game
00:39:02 Favorite Part of Baseball
00:40:10 Scoring in the MLB vs. NBA
00:41:37 Yankee Teammates
00:44:15 Jordan Brand
00:50:32 The Players’ Tribune
00:59:26 Standing Ovation at Fenway
01:01:10 Approach to Hitting
01:02:27 Nike Hat Commercial
01:03:31 First Big Purchase
01:06:56 Start, Bench, Trade
01:09:18 Marlins GM Kim Ng
01:11:14 Favorite Five Baseball Players
01:12:08 Advice to Younger Players
01:13:03 Black Players in Baseball
01:16:29 Today’s Players
01:19:12 Marlins Jerseys
01:20:45 Golf vs. MJ
01:21:20 Outro

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