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Censorship Mob Blasts Rogan, Biden's NYPD No-Show & Putin's Next Move, w/ Clay Travis & Ric Grenell

Megyn Kelly is joined by Clay Travis, founder of Outkick and co-host of The Clay and Buck Show, and former Ambassador Ric Grenell to talk about the left’s push to censor and cancel Joe Rogan, Rogan’s “apology,” the truth about COVID “science” and “experts,” why Rogan is truly uncancellable, following the science, tech censorship, the powerful NYPD response to the death of two of their own, Biden’s NYPD no-show, consequences of “defund the police” policies, alarming attacks on police in America, Canadian truckers boycotting vaccine mandates, Tom Brady maybe retiring, what Vladimir Putin’s next move will be, the Biden administration’s response to Russia (compared to the Trump administration’s), what’s behind Russia’s Ukraine border build-up, the truth about NATO and Russia, Biden’s SCOTUS pick, the need for “diplomacy with muscle,” D.C. elites and Biden’s SCOTUS parameters, D.C. vs. the rest of America, and more.

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