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BEST VA Benefits for Dependents This Year (2022)

Insiders, the VA offers a number of VA benefits for dependents. These can include health care, disability benefits and VA education benefits for dependents. One of the key benefits for veterans’ spouses and children is the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA). CHAMPVA provides health care coverage for dependents of veterans who are not eligible for Tricare or Medicaid.

Join Senior Veteran Coach Darrell McDonald and Veteran Coach Richard Segovia as they explain these important VA benefits that support veterans and their families.

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***Video Timestamps & Resources***

⏩ 00:00 VA Claims Insider Introduction
⏩ 04:48 VA benefits for dependents
⏩ 10:03 Healthcare for dependents
⏩ 12:25 How do you qualify for CHAMPVA?
⏩ 13:13 Chapter 35 education benefits for dependents
⏩ 20:40 Texas benefits
⏩ 26:16 Florida benefits
⏩ 29:22 Nevada benefits
⏩ 31:14 Illinois benefits
⏩ 33:40 Possible benefits based on your city
⏩ 35:18 North Carolina benefits
⏩ 36:22 More on VA benefits for spouses and dependents
⏩ 38:14 Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
⏩ 41:21 Eligibility for student loan forgiveness
⏩ 43:10 More on benefits and answering questions
⏩ 56:20 How we can help

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