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2022 NHL Winter Classic | St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild | (Live Reaction & Play-By-Play)

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The PowerSkate Show is a podcast for the fans who eat, sleep and breathe hockey. This podcast streams live on SportsCastr every Wednesday at 7PM-8PM, ET (sometimes longer), hosted by NHL enthusiasts Grant Flood from Floodsters Sports Zone and Alex Stoessel from DMV SportsNet respectively passionate for their hometown teams the Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals. What you will get from our show is top-notch NHL news covering all 31 franchises, predictions where upcoming free agents will land, mock drafts, player’s stats, power rankings along with current NHL rumours around the league. We also have plenty of hot takes and speak our minds on certain topics by dissecting the information and bringing our brand of hockey humor to our viewers. We have come up with interesting topics to end the show, whether it would be NHL trivia, Top Ten Lists, our reactions to the power rankings from other social media. it’s all hockey on the PowerSkate Show. We have guests on the show almost weekly as well, from fellow SportsCastrs, YouTubers and other huge hockey fans across the United States and Canada.

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