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🔴TPUSA LIVE: Were the 2020 Riots Pre-Planned?

TPUSA LIVE is the unfiltered, grassroots alternative to mainstream media. Watch daily shows, live in-studio content from TPUSA HQ and weekly shows covering politics, pop-culture, sports and everything in-between. Tune in every weekday starting at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT. Check out today’s show! In part 2 of their conversastion, FRONTLINES host Drew Hernandez and special guest Elijah Schaffer, share more of their untold stories of the violent summer of 2020, including the efforts from the mainstream media to silence journalists braving the frontlines of violence to show America what was REALLY happening on the ground. TPUSA LIVE is taking a small break for all of our awesome events we have planned for you this summer as well as making some big changes to take the show to a whole new level! You can find the rest of the TPUSA content you love and enjoy anytime right here on our YouTube channel. We will see you soon! Today on Human Events Daily – Jack Posibiec is talking all about the MASSIVE success of CPAC in Budapest, why the media is in meltdown mode, and how the generation of war is uniting to fuel the machine. Plus a SpaceX flight attendant accuses Elon Musk of sexual harassment. And as repulsive as hate speech may be, it’s protected by the First Amendment.


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